Female Celebrity Smoking List: *Two People (1973)

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*Two People (1973) | Lindsay Wagner (joint), Estelle Parsons
An oldie, but a great one to see a younger Lindsay Wagner do a very credible performance as a chain-smoker and occasional pot smoker. Great inhale/exhale shots, nice close-ups, all we need!
"[both] light up with matches at :11, Estelle uses a holder. Estelle lights up at :13. Lindsay takes a drag at :24. Lindsay takes a drag at :59. Lindsay lights up with a match at 1:11 with a couple drags. Lindsay drag and exhale at 1:31."
"[Wagner] all I remember about this movie is her tremendous snap inhales...very well done."
"Wagner also dangles J at :40 but does not light. Another hold at 1:07. She's stunning. About ten scenes with Parsons, good drags and exhales, light-ups, often H. Some background smoking in Paris scenes."
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Lindsay Wagner - Picture - holding, Two People (1973), 30k
Lindsay Wagner - Picture - holding, Two People (1973), 29k

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