Female Celebrity Smoking List: Secret Places (1984)

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Secret Places (1984) | Cassie Stuart, Marie-Theres Relin
"smoke a couple of times, but you can't really see anything"
"Six actresses, all playing English school girls (but mostly looking a couple of years older), smoke, mainly in group scenes. Cassie Stuart, playing the most rebellious one, also happens to be the only one who knows how to inhale, unless the others are deliberately trying to seem inexperienced. For those with subfetishes, Cassie smokes once while trying on nylons and once while telling someone that she's pregnant. A couple of times, you can see her smoking a bit better than the previous review suggests, but I agree that neither the smoking nor the lighting is anything spectacular. Also, the cigarettes (the film being set in the World War II era) are fairly short."
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