Female Celebrity Smoking List: Puberty Blues (1981)

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Puberty Blues (1981) | Jad Capelja, Nell Schofield
"Mostly holding in wide shots and/or frustratingly quick edits, but a few good moments in this light Australian comedy about girls, boys, sex and the beach. 17-year old Capelja is the cutest and the best smoker, coughing after a deep drag in a close-up at the start but exhaling well in wide shots later on and blowing four or five excellent smoke rings in a profile close-up near the end. Schofield improves over the course of the film, too, but is less attractive. One other young actress blows a few rings at the beginning during a 'smoking in the girls' room' scene, although she and several of the others seem a bit older than the characters they're supposed to be playing and, except for Capelja, a bit less attractive than I wish they were."
"If you want to see teen smokers, just about everyone smokes in this movie, in just about every scene, even a boy who couldn't be any older than ten. I don't think I've ever seen so many people with lit cigarettes in one film as in this one, and I've seen a lot of them."
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