Female Celebrity Smoking List: Impossible Years, The (1968)

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Impossible Years, The (1968) | Cristina Ferrare
"Early in the film, in rich father David Niven's living room/office, Cristina walks over to the fireplace, opens the cigarette humidor on top, takes out cigarette, lights up, inhales, exhales. Daddy Niven has no particular reaction to that"
"there is another extended scene shortly after the one mentioned, not one long scene but many consecutive scenes where she seems to smoke for about 10 mins. (if true, I can see why Virginia Slims chose her to model their product: gorgeous and VERY sexy!) highly recommend even though I only saw the first half of the flick. note also that when she is talking to her dad, every time the camera comes to her she does a complete inhale and exhale. classic."
"I don't find her smoking in this film to be anywhere near as good as the previous reviewer did. She does hold in at least four scenes, but only has one or two halfway decent exhales. In one of those, she exhales once while sitting at a table in a smoky club. In the other, she shows one decent profile exhale, but the angle is essentially from longshot distance. To me, her smoking appears more artificial than anything else."

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