Female Celebrity Smoking List: Eau Froide, L' (1994)

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Eau Froide, L' (1994) | Virginie Ledoyen
"One or two young women who aren't Ledoyen take some drags in a party scene, but it's shot with such extreme close-ups and edited so quickly that some of the time I wasn't sure whether the person smoking was a guy and not a girl. However, just when I'd given up hope for Virginie, she smoked near the end of the film in a fairly long scene on a beach. This scene was also shot and cut in a slightly less than ideal manner, but you can see enough, and it definitely is Virginie, looking young and beautiful and smoking very well." Other references to this movie:
Virginie Ledoyen - Info - video, Eau Froide, L' (1994), youtube, c. '94

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