Female Celebrity Smoking List: Dirty Girls, The (1964)

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Dirty Girls, The (1964) | Denyse Roland, Reine Rohan
"Each plays an only-in-your-dreams prostitute in separate story lines set in Paris and Munich respectively. Roland takes a light on the street and smokes in two bar scenes. In each of the latter, she snaps the filters off cigarettes before accepting lights. In the first, she displays excellent smoking style, taking several drags and exhaling through her nostrils, but the exhales are barely visible. The second ends soon after the lightup. Rohan lights up in closeup while talking on the phone, then takes two or three drags while reclining on a couch. Looks good, and the lighting is better than in Roland's scenes, but I'm not sure she inhales. There's some background smoking by at least one extra in a party scene, as well."

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