Female Celebrity Smoking List: Cómo ser mujer y no morir en el intento (1991)

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Cómo ser mujer y no morir en el intento (1991) | aka How To Be a Woman and Not Die in The Attempt. Carmen Maura, Olalla Aguirre, Flora María Álvaro
"Maura smokes matter-of-factly throughout, in bed, in a bar, in a resturant, on the beach, in her gynacologist's office, and elsewhere. In the beach scene she pulls on a t-shirt that says 'Please don't breathe while I'm smoking.' Several nice lightups, but most of her exhales aren't terribly well lit. There's one really good nostril exhale in a bar, however. Aguirre portrays her daughter, home for a visit from boarding school, and she and Maura smoke together in a restaurant. Almost every woman in the film smokes at one time or other -- I only listed the three whose names I remember, but there are two or three others as well."

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