Female Celebrity Smoking List: "Secret Army" (1977)

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"Secret Army" (1977) | Jan Francis, Juliet Hammond-Hill, Angela Richards
"Jan smoked in most of the early episodes and looked quite experienced. Angela was less convincing, since she did not appear to inhale. Juliet smoked in the final series."

"Secret Army" (1977) | Hazel McBride
"appears in several episodes of the final series as Gestapo man Kessler's Belgian girlfriend, Madeleine Duclos. She smokes in almost every episode she appears in. The camera doesn't dwell on her smoking very much, but we do see several short light-ups, inhales, and exhales." Other references to this movie:
Jan Francis - Info - video, forward to 0:16, "Secret Army" (1977), youtube, when?
Jan Francis - Picture - about to drag, "Secret Army" (1977), 852k

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