Female Celebrity Smoking List: "Lærkevej" (2009)

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"Lærkevej" (2009) | Søs Egelind
"[Egelind] smokes frequently"

"Lærkevej" (2009) | Julie Wright, Sarah-Sofie Boussnina
ep. #1.2, "Før brylluppet", Oct. 1, '09
"young actress Julie Wright invites Sarah-Sofie Boussnina's character to join her for a smoking break. An offer she accepts, and she also receives an awkward light-up, later admitting she doesn't really smoke. At the end of the episode they are seen smoking while sitting on a pair of swings."

"Lærkevej" (2009) | Julie Wright
ep. #1.3, "Alle hemmeligheder har en nabo", Oct. 8, '09
"Early, [Wright] asks for a cigarette and gets a light-up from the character she thinks is a flasher"

"Lærkevej" (2009) | Mille Lehfeldt
ep. #1.6, "Fred her til Lands", Oct. 29, '09
"At a meeting at school, Mille Hoffmeyer Lehfeldt's character turns out to be a smoker, and lights up although she is told she cannot smoke there."

"Lærkevej" (2009) | Mille Lehfeldt
ep. #1.7, "Hans og Grethe", Nov. 5, '09
"smokes once in this episode. She lights up while sitting in a swing."

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