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Amanda Peet
  • Has smoked "in real life" (IRL) = Probably, unconfirmed
  • Profession = actress
  • Her entry in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
  • Amanda Peet pics and clips at MrSkin.com
  • Miscellaneous information
              •  video, She's The One (1996), youtube, c. '96
              •  video, High Crimes (2002), youtube, c. '02
              •  video, High Crimes (2002), youtube, c. '02
              •  video, Igby Goes Down (2002), youtube, c. '02
              •  video, Igby Goes Down (2002), youtube, c. '02
              •  video, Igby Goes Down (2002), youtube, c. '02
              •  "'I want to play a character like Robin Wright Penn did in 'White Oleander,' where I have a cigarette and really tight skirt and I live in a trailer and have big breasts'", BPI Entertainment News Wire, Apr. 13, '05
              •  "While at the 'social event of the year,' [Mary-Kate Olsen] took off for the bathroom where chain-smoked until, 'Amanda Peet walked in...and was clearly repulsed,' a witness told the New York Daily News.'", website, May 4, '05
              •  video, Lot Like Love, A (2005), youtube, c. '05
              •  "She admits her dream role would be a stereotypical New Jersey girl. 'It's so weird. But somebody has to write me this part or I'm gonna kill myself. I want to be the girl on the boardwalk with the Camaro, the dice and the really cheesy perfume. I want to have a baby, be smoking a cigarette and talking on the telephone all at the same time'", Tribute Magazine, when?
              •  video, youtube, when?
              •  video, Celebrity Smoking Videos, when?
  • Quotes about smoking
              •  "'I had fun pretending to smoke [in High Crimes (2002)],' said Peet, who plays Judd's free-spirited sister. 'They were herbal cigarettes. Then at the end of the scene the crew would be lying on the ground, asphyxiated, because they smelled so bad.'", website, Apr. 6, '02
  • Proof she has smoked (or quit) "in real life"
              •  "as she leans out the photo studio's window to dispose of a lungful of cigarette smoke", Movieline Magazine, Oct. '97, p. 30
              •  "exhales a lungful of smoke out window", US Weekly, c. Nov. '97
              •  quit - Kieran Culkin mentions that Amanda had quit smoking shortly before they began filming, and so the cigarettes she used in the movie were the herbal kind, Igby Goes Down (2002) DVD, Jan. 28, '03
              •  "Off-camera, stars like Gerard Butler, Felicity Huffman and Amanda Peet (in black-framed eyeglasses) took a break on the smoking deck", website, Jan. 16, '12
              •  netizen sighting
  • Pictures of her smoking
              •  dangling an unlit cig, still from Igby Goes Down (2002), The Mirror (UK), Jun. 13, '03
              •  dragging and exhaling, candid, on the set of Lot Like Love, A (2005), New York, Rex Features (UK), Apr. 15, '04
  • Collections of pictures of her smoking
              •  Celebs Smokers
              •  Smoking Fetish Celebrities, when?
  • Pictures from the net
  • holding, Igby Goes Down (2002), 11k
  • TV/Movies she smokes in:

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