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Stevie Nicks
  • Has smoked "in real life" (IRL) = Yes
  • Quit = Probably has
  • Profession = musician
  • Her entry in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
  • Cigar/Cigarette Brand
              •  Kools, website, May '98
  • Miscellaneous information
              •  With holder in "Gypsy" video
  • Proof she has smoked (or quit) "in real life"
              •  no - "she doesn't smoke, and drinks nothing stronger than wine.", People Magazine, Jun. 6, '77
              •  "'I was one chain-smoking, coffee-swilling mess while I was there' at the Betty Ford Clinic", Sunday Mail (UK), Jul. 16, '89
              •  "The French doors leading from Stevie Nicks' six-story manse to her pool are open to catch a breeze. But dusk's cool air can't relieve the singer's watery eyes. 'My allergies are killing me tonight,'' she sniffles, lighting a cigarette, then dabbing her big baby browns", USA Today, Oct. 16, '91
              •  interview, USA Today, late '91
              •  quit - "she stopped smoking 'December 12,' she says, and her voice has never been in better shape", USA Today, Aug. 16, '94
              •  quit - "If her singing on the new album and tour is stronger than in the past, it is because she quit smoking on January 1 and does 40 minutes of vocal calisthenics several hours before every concert", Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), Nov. 29, '97
              •  quit - "She also quit smoking on January 1. 'I was smoking almost three packs a day,' she says in the conspiratorial way. 'Kools. Menthols.'...I would absolutely do a commercial for that [nicotine] patch. The night before I quit, I smoked about 500 cigarettes and drank some hard liquor, which I never do anymore, because I knew it would make me feel extra bad.' Now, if she gets a nic fit, she slaps on a seven-milligram patch, and 'I just go with it.' ", Harper's Bazaar, Nov. '97
              •  quit - Harper's Bazaar, c. Dec. '97
              •  quit - "quit a three pack a day cigarette habit last year and treadmills daily", May 11, '98
              •  quit - "I smoked three packs a day-Kools, menthol", Entertainment Weekly , May '98
              •  quit - "Her falsetto is back at full strength since she quit smoking three years ago, Nicks said", Newhouse News Service, May 1, '01
              •  quit - interview, CHUM Radio (Toronto), May 6, '01
              •  quit - "Nicks was able to improve her vocal range by kicking a three-pack-a-day cigarette habit in 1998. 'I opened my eyes and my ears to all the miseries of smoking. I read magazine articles and if a TV commercial about cancer came on, I turned it up in surround sound. The night before I quit, I literally made myself sick. I drank a bottle of brandy and I smoked two cartons of cigarettes. The next morning when I woke up feeling terrible, I put on the [nicotine] patch. I haven't smoked since'", Cleveland (OH) Plain Dealer, Jul. 15, '01
              •  "Stevie Nicks' trademark husky voice is indelibly marked by years spent ingesting mountains of cocaine, downing brandy by the bottle and smoking 60 cigarettes a day", The Mirror (UK), Nov. 21, '03
              •  quit - "'Sure, I'd like to be 20 pounds thinner,' admits Nicks, who quit a three-pack-a-day cigarette habit last year and treadmills daily at her homes in Phoenix and L.A.", People Magazine, when?

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