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Deborah Harry
  • Has smoked "in real life" (IRL) = Probably, unconfirmed
  • Profession = actress/singer
  • Her entry in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
  • Nude pics and clips at MrSkin.com
  • Cigar/Cigarette Brand
              •  Marlboro
  • Miscellaneous information
              •  video, forward to 1:10, Foreigner, The (1978), youtube, c. '78
              •  "'Now that the good weather's here, it's not so bad. People can go outside and have a cigarette', says Blondie frontwoman and downtown Manhattan resident Deborah Harry. 'It does make the inside places much more comfortable, and maybe it'll help a lot of people to quit smoking'", USA Today, May 16, '03
  • Proof she has smoked (or quit) "in real life"
              •  smoked during Boston, MA concert, netizen sighting, c. Apr./May '94
              •  started 2 years earlier, made the comparison of how women her age were giving up while she was only starting, Mail on Sonday (UK) (You Magazine) (UK), c. '94
              •  shown holding backstage of a fashion show, German TV, Mar. 11, '99
              •  "settles down alongside the guys to tuck into some soup and cadge a cigarette", Mail on Sunday (Night & Day magazine) (UK), Jan. 14, '01
  • Pictures of her smoking
              •  holding pack of Camels, Star Magazine, Sep. '98
              •  candid, carrying packet of Camels, The Sun, Oct. 31, '98
              •  carrying pack of Camels, Globe Magazine (Canada), Nov. 17, '98
              •  half page, holding, Celebrity Style, Feb. '99
              •  candid, puffing, The Guardian (UK), Feb. 20, '99
              •  backstage shots, Omnibus: Blondie (BBC), Oct. 4, '99
  • Collections of pictures of her smoking
              •  Smoking Fetish Celebrities, when?
  • Pictures from the net
  • dragging, New York, Jun. 4, '96, 33k
  • TV/Movies she smokes in:

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