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Sharon Gless
  • Has smoked "in real life" (IRL) = Yes
  • Quit = Probably has
  • Profession = actress
  • Her entry in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
  • Cigar/Cigarette Brand
              •  Marlboro
  • Proof she has smoked (or quit) "in real life"
              •  cigar - "She has taken to smoking cigars", Washington Post, Feb. 20, '79
              •  "smoking one twentieth of her daily ration of cigarettes", People Magazine, Feb. 11, '85
              •  "smoking one twentieth of her daily ration of cigarettes", "a voice that carries smoke marks as pronounced as the ballistics grooves on a spent bullet", "puffing on a cigarette just seconds after delivering one of the most wrenching scenes", "dragging again on her cigarette", People Magazine, Feb. 11, '85
              •  "throwing her legs over the side of a director's chair and lighting a cigarette", Entertainment Weekly, Jan. 11, '91
              •  no - "When she received the offer to portray Annie in 'Misery,' she added, 'I'd just quit smoking and put on seven or 10 pounds'", Los Angeles Times, Dec. 29, '92
              •  quit - "I'm considering returning to cigarettes. I miss them terribly and seem more tearful without them", where?, c. '93
              •  quit - says she quit for her husband although she didn't want to, The Express (UK) (Saturday supplement), c. late '96/early '97
              •  "Now 53, she's had problems with drinking and smoking", The Express (UK), Apr. 20, '97
              •  quit - "Gless said one of the reasons she did the film was because she was a smoker for 31 years and lost friends and family to smoking. 'I used to smoke three packs a day and smoked until I was in my 40s,' she said. 'It is hard because I am one puff from three packs a day again.'", Daily Titan Inter@ctive, Nov. 3, '99
              •  quit - "after years of battling against the effects of alcoholism, heavy smoking and recurring weight problems.... she had given up smoking at [her husband's] request", Saga Magazine (UK), Jan. '00
              •  quit - "Sharon was also a smoker who, while going through menopause several years ago, quit smoking at the same time...She's always struggled with her weight, but when she quit her nicotine, she ballooned up...though she quit smoking nine years ago and still craves it, she has stayed away from smoking", Lesbian News, Jan. '02
              •  "was also a smoker who, while going through menopause several years ago, quit smoking at the same time... though she quit smoking nine years ago and still craves it, she has stayed away from smoking, more for her husband than for anything else", Lesbian News, Jan. '02
              •  quit - "I had just given up smoking", ETonline, Oct. 9, '05
              •  quit - "I worked steadily until I was 49; 50 when I went into the menopause and gave up smoking", Radio Times (UK), Oct. '06
              •  quit - "I turned 50, gave up smoking and started the menopause. I was homicidal and suicidal", The Guardian (UK), Nov. 15, '06
              •  "This week's smoking ban was bound to create some strange huddles outside England's public buildings. But the sight of Cagney and Lacey, gossiping under a hotel awning, has to be one of the strangest. It's Sharon Gless - the blonde actress who played ballsy Christine Cagney - who's the smoker, taking advantage of five spare minutes before this interview...Only a slight wheeze in her voice makes you wish she'd join in the smoking ban", Daily Telegraph (UK), Jul. 6, '07
              •  "smoking a ciggie outside Joe's Take Away", Miami Herald, Aug. 4, '07
              •  "I used to smoke, then I didn't and then I did for 10 years. And then I took it up again... I'm not proud of it. My husband said, 'How lucky are you they're paying you to smoke?'... It is fun, just because I know what to do with a cigarette. A lot of times you see actors just suck on the cigarette and blow it out. I want to say 'Why are you bothering?' It looks fake... I rehearse with the cigarette. I rehearse when to light it, when to put it down, when to put it out, when to almost light it. So I have to rehearse always outside with the coach - and the mosquitoes - because my husband doesn't allow cigarettes in the house and I agree...Even when I rehearse the scenes I'll have a cigarette in my hands", w/video from "Burn Notice" (2007), weblog, Jul. 9, '08
              •  "And how does he deal with Sharon Gless' constant cigarette smoking? 'The smoking's tough. She really smokes. It's real tobacco,' says Donovan, who works out six days a week. 'So it's hard to know that every time I'm in a scene with her she's smoking. But that is what Michael deals with. He can't stand it either'", USA Today, Mar. 5, '09
              •  " 'Do you mind if I smoke?' Sharon Gless asks. The question was odd because the actress was seated on the patio of the posh Langham, Huntington Hotel & Spa. Californians tend to object to smokers even if they're obeying the rules. It's also strange because it's hard to imagine Gless without a cigarette dangling from her digits. On the USA Network series ["Burn Notice" (2007)], her character, Madeline Westen, is rarely without a smoke... Gless never expected she'd be allowed to smoke on TV again. 'But that was the way the character was written: a chain-smoking hypochondriac,' Gless said, sending a puff of smoke into the afternoon air. 'My husband said, 'How happy are you? They're paying you to smoke.' I'm glad they allow me to smoke because I can do so much with that cigarette. I can take a hit, hold it in my lungs, say whole sentences, and then blow it out when I choose for emphasis.' She knows plenty of people disapprove. Gless said she doesn't care because it helps her act and she enjoys it...'I am grateful they continue to let me do it,' said Gless, with a puff of smoke for emphasis", Fresno Bee, Jun. 3, '09
              •  "Offscreen, the former Cagney & Lacey star handles cigarettes the way some people heft a highball at the end of a challenging day, firing one up during a 45-minute lunch break in her dressing room-size trailer (though she's nice enough to ask a visiting reporter before striking the match). Let those wimps on ["Mad Men" (2007)] swagger through scenes with clove-stuffed fabrications in hand. When Gless heard her character was a smoker, the one thing she knew was that Maddy was going to be puffing the real thing while helping her superspy son dodge bullets in the Magic City. 'I've seen some of those other shows, like Mad Men, and you can tell they're not smokers,' said Gless, who preps her scenes with an acting coach, choreographing exactly how she'll deploy her cancer sticks in each scene. 'I love using this cigarette, because it says volumes'", St Petersburg Times, Jul. 19, '10
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              •  Celeb Smokers
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  • holding, '91, 227k
  • holding, "Burn Notice" (2007), 91k
  • small, holding, "Burn Notice" (2007)
  • posed, holding, "Burn Notice" (2007), 50k
  • holding, "Burn Notice" (2007), 633k
  • dragging, "Burn Notice" (2007), 755k
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